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Are You Ready for Code Age?
game: Code Age Commanders
posted by: Amanda Bateman
publisher: Square-Enix
developer: Warhead Team
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date posted: 12:29 PM Wed Dec 14th, 2005
last revision: 01:05 PM Wed Dec 14th, 2005

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Click to read.Our hands can be lethal weapons, and this most certainly holds true for Code Age Commanders, a new action adventure game that will be making its way to the United States in due time.

Declared as Square-Enix\'s \'new brand\', The Code Age series currently exists in three forms. The first is a cellular phone game known as Code Age Brawls. The second is a manga (Japanese comic) called Code Age Archives. Third is Code Age Commanders, the action RPG for the Playstation 2. The three together are known as the Code Age Project. Each division is connected to the other, but their focus is on different characters and objectives, of course. All three forms are expecting a North American release.

Back to the \'hands\' thing...your hands are literally your weapons in Code Age Commanders. Warheads in the universe of Code Age are individuals with the ability to change their appendages into powerful weapons to use for fighting their enemies off. Players will see the Code Age world through the eyes of several characters, which include Gene, a Warhead who seems to be the central character of this story. Humans are on a mission to avoid extinction and rebirth, but the Central Code, a force that governs their world, disapproves of this, and attacks their Ark which they had built to protect humans from the apocalyptic happenings. Gene, once a human, has been reborn a warhead after the fall of the Ark, and he sets out on a mission to find his sister, Aliz.

In addition to Gene\'s story, the game offers the ability to play as other major characters. This lets you see all sides and points of view of the same story, and gives you access to scenes that some characters are not involved with, somewhat like Suikoden III\'s system, but without the chapters.

Code Age Commanders has yet to show an official release date, but I\'m looking forward to it and hoping that it\'s soon! For those well-versed in Japanese and possessing appropriate hardware, CAC is already out in Japan, so give your favorite import gaming store a browse if you\'re itching to give it a try.

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