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Shadow Hearts 3: A Whole New World...Sort Of
game: Shadow Hearts 3: From The New World
posted by: Amanda Bateman
publisher: XSEED
developer: Nautilus
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date posted: 11:00 AM Fri Jan 20th, 2006
last revision: 11:00 AM Fri Jan 20th, 2006

Click to read.Right now I will get it off my chest and say that I haven\'t played anything in the Shadow Hearts series. My friends and colleagues have constantly urged me to pick up the game, and they say that I will love it. But despite the peer pressure these past months (and maybe years), I\'ve yet to even see it in action. But such is the life of a college student who has only enough to support her main fandom. But we\'ll save that talk for another time.

This year I\'d like to change the fact that I haven\'t played Shadow Hearts by playing the third installment of the franchise. Shadow Hearts: From The New World is the newest in the series, and to my relief I\'ve been told that you don\'t have to play the first two to understand what\'s going on in the third game.

Shadow Hearts: From the New World obviously takes place in the new world, which history buffs know is America. 1920\'s New York, more specifically, is the setting of this game. This time period could be the hotspot this year in RPGs, as Atlus\' Devil Summoner: Kuzunoha Raidou Versus The Super Army also takes place around the same time, but in Japan. Of course, like the new Devil Summoner game, Shadow Hearts will obviously twist history around and add fantasy elements to it. The story centers on main character Johnny Garland, who is out to seek answers about his family and his mysterious past.

The Judgement Ring battle system also makes a return; from what I\'ve heard about it in the past, this may both please and disgust fans of the game. Screenshots of video clips in the game look very nice and will be a visual treat.

For the import gaming crowd, Shadow Hearts 3 has already been released, so check your favorite import store to pick up a copy. For those who cannot read Japanese, be relieved to know that the localized game is expected to be out in early 2006. However, an official release date is not available, and the official website only teases us with a trailer for now. Despite the little translated media, I\'m still excited. And maybe in that time I\'ll pick up one of the first two. Maybe.

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