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Singing the Gamer's Song: Make You Happy Tonight
posted by: Aaron Stanton
date posted: 06:51 AM Sun Apr 23rd, 2006
last revision: 09:40 PM Sun Apr 23rd, 2006

Click to read.Every once in a while items come along that just have to be mentioned in a brief news posting. This Google Video of Make You Happy Tonight, performed by an Australian comedy group called Tripod, just happens to be one of those items.

The song starts off sweet and soft, and ultimately evolves into a song that connects to every video gamer\'s significant other. Watch far enough to understand the joke, and it\'s guaranteed you\'ll find yourself chuckling. We\'d have loved to host the file ourselves, but of course, it\'s not our file.

You can check out the Google Video version of the comedy act here.

We here at GamesFirst couldn\'t get enough, and have to offer Tripod a general nod of approval.

The Tripod group has at least one other song about video games called King of the Video Game Arcade, which you can listen to it at their website, 3pod.com.au.

It was apparently written in less than an hour.

The Tripods are a comedy act more than a musical group, though their talent as vocal performers is unquestionable as well. The heart of their humor, though, is through their music.

The downside of this is that you\'ll be hard pressed to find their songs for download on iTunes.

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