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Shadowgrounds Comes to Steam
game: Shadowgrounds
posted by: Shawn Rider
publisher: Meridian4
developer: Frozenbyte
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date posted: 10:24 AM Tue Apr 25th, 2006
last revision: 10:24 AM Tue Apr 25th, 2006

Click to read.Meridian4 sends word of another great announcement regarding Valve\'s Steam service: Shadowgrounds will be carried on the Steam service beginning in May. Steam users will be able to purchase and download the game via their Steam client, and Meridian4 hopes this will expose Shadow Grounds to a whole new audience. The announcement also bolsters Steam\'s position as a major hitmaker, having already picked up several hugely popular indy creations including Darwinia and Garry\'s Mod.

Shadowgrounds is an isometric-perspective 3rd person shooter set in a creepy sci-fi environment designed by indy developer Frozenbyte. It\'s got pretty visuals and fast-paced gameplay, mixing modern visuals with classic gameplay, which should make it a welcome diversion for CS-addicted Steam users. Check out our preview for the full game details.

Meridian4 will remain the publisher, and Valve\'s Steam services becomes another online distribution avenue. Meridian4 has been founded on direct-download distribution, making them an ideal early adopter of Steam\'s platform.

"Making Shadowgrounds available to Steam's eight million gamers is a great opportunity to get the game out to a wider market, \" said Steven Milburn, Director of Marketing at Meridian4.

\"Steam is the best online distribution channel, end of story. They are really pushing the online distribution model and I am glad Shadowgrounds is part of that,\" said Frozenbyte CEO, Lauri Hyvarinen.

Shadowgrounds will be available in early May on Steam for $24.99.

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