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Sam and Max Possibly Heading for the Wii
game: Sam and Max
posted by: Aaron Stanton
publisher: TellTale Games
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date posted: 11:29 AM Mon Sep 18th, 2006
last revision: 02:14 PM Mon Sep 18th, 2006

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Click to read.The advent of Xbox Live and the Virtual Console on the Nintendo Wii may mean a return of the beloved adventure genre. The quick-to-deliver mini-game style of these services provides an environment where less mainstream genres, like adventure games, can turn a profit.

TellTale games, developers of the Sam and Max series of adventure titles, recently asked gamers to express their support of the company to Nintendo in a hope that the massive Japanese console company would take notice. And it worked. According to 1up.com, Nintendo has contacted TellTale to discuss the possibility of bringing Sam and Max to the Wii. Is this a sure thing? Absolutely not. There\'s a lot of distance between talking and releasing, but it\'s certainly a good sign.

Plus, it\'s always a good feeling to realize that gamers, when they speak together, have an influence on what happens in the industry.

At the moment, TellTale is in the process of launching new episodic versions of the Sam and Max franchise via online downloads and GameTap. Each episode sells for around $10, and can be downloaded and played on the PC. Hopefully, this same content, along with older classics like Sam and Max: Day of the Tentacle, will also make it to the Wii\'s virtual console, which is ideally suited for episodic content.

We\'ve had a chance to play around with the new Sam and Max here at GamesFirst, and it has the classic sense of humor that\'s famous to the franchise. If you\'ve ever loved adventure games in the past, Sam and Max is currently the classic adventure style champion.

You can check out our hands-on PAX Sam and Max preview here, and you can expect a full review soon.

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