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Bioshock a Gemini?
game: Bioshock
posted by: Chris Martin
publisher: 2K Games
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date posted: 01:38 AM Fri Jan 5th, 2007
last revision: 01:45 AM Fri Jan 5th, 2007

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Click to read.It seems that word on Bioshock\'s release date has quickly gone from \"heard it from a GameStop employee\" to \"heard it from a 2K representative.\" And if what has been posted on forums is true (or even partially true) then Irrational\'s next-gen hybrid is likely going to show up late May to mid June. In other words: it\'s going to be a Gemini.

I\'m not into astrological signs (so go ahead and read this as a hook for this otherwise short article) but it seems fitting. Gemini are notoriously fickle [Ed\'s note: my wife attests that she\'s not, regardless]. Irrational Games probably didn\'t have astrological readings in mind when they chose the release month (and if I find out they did I might throw up a little), but in any case, here\'s some fitting \"Gemini\" descriptions from my favorite online encyclopedia:

\"Individuals born under this sign are thought to have a lively, communicative (because of which it is considered an articulate sign), witty, inquisitive, clever, courageous, and adaptable character but one which is also prone to superficiality, maliciousness, inconsistency, cowardice, nervousness, and cunning.\"

Which all points to great voice acting, wit, and storyline right? Of course it does! Clever? Hell yeah, the game is all about choice and making your own decisions of how to play or not play through the world of Rapture. Courageous? You\'re the hero - scratch that one off. \"Prone to superficiality, maliciousness, etc\" most likely means that sometimes you have to hurt the one you love (yourself, stupid) and mutate a bit in order to get some really nifty powers. \"Inconsistency\" well...let\'s just say sometimes you win, sometimes it\'s game over. \"Cowardice\" is perfect, because when you run into those \"Big Daddys\" you\'ll either step up with a pretty good plan or run the F*ck away. And I think cunning has to do with being outsmarted by enemy AI or something.

\"In terms of anatomy, Gemini is said to rule the shoulders, upper arms, nerve fibers, lungs, thymus gland, trachea and bronchi, structural features of the clavicle, scapula, and humerus.\"

Perhaps all that body mutilation and genetic modification have something in common with where Gemini \"rule.\" By finding genetic material called Adam, you can inject yourself, thereby changing your DNA and giving you powers like telekinesis, the ability to throw \"Splicer Irritant,\" and retrigger security bots.

I know I\'m going to get an e-mail with someone complaining that Gemini is an \"air\" element and Bioshock is all under water and stuff. Well, um...the main character in Bioshock undoubtedly breathes air. So there. Problem solved.


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