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ups: tons of new material and areas
downs: some graphics quality, repetition

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World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Review
game: World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade
five star
posted by: Amanda Bateman
publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
developer: lizzard Entertainment
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date posted: 04:57 PM Wed Feb 14th, 2007
last revision: 04:51 PM Wed Feb 14th, 2007

Click to read.World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade

It\'s painfully obvious that Blizzard\'s World of Warcraft is a hit. Millions of players have explored the fictional land of Azeroth with their very own customized character. They\'ve killed monsters and enemy factions, performed countless quests, raided dungeons, and even danced to their hearts\' content.

The Burning Crusade expansion focuses on the addition of the Dark Portal, where a group known as the Burning Legion resides with intent on destroying Azeroth. What does this mean to most players? More RPG madness, in a nutshell.

BC\'s features are basically just more of what was already on World of Warcraft (but with added Star Wars/sci-fi references at some points).

Two new playable character races have been added to the original eight. The Alliance faction offers the draenei, while those who choose the Horde can play as a blood elf. These new races come along with their own starter territories and new capital cities, of course.

In general, BC pads World of Warcraft with more \'stuff\'. Included in this update are new spells, new items, new areas, new monsters, and new professions and skills. The level cap has also been raised so that characters using the expansion can achieve Level 70.

No matter how seasoned of a player you are, the expansion will surprise you with something new.

Other than the addition of more things, there\'s not much else to note about this new release. Not having the expansion pack will restrict you from playing as a draenei and blood elf, and it will keep you from accessing most of the new areas and \'stuff\' in general. But unless you\'ve grown bored with the original game there is no desperate need to grab up the expansion right away. WoW runs fine without it, and players will continue to receive downloadable updates.

If you were able to pull away from the addictive qualities World of Warcraft possesses for many...The Burning Crusade will pull you back in. Install with caution...oh, who am I kidding? Just install it.

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