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Federal Judge Ronald Whyte Delcares California 'Violent Video Game Act' Unconstitutional
posted by: Chris Martin
date posted: 02:14 PM Tue Aug 7th, 2007
last revision: 02:13 PM Tue Aug 7th, 2007

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Click to read.San Jose, CA - Federal Judge Ronald Whyte has ruled a law restricting the sale of violent games to minors unconstitutional. This comes after the games industry filed lawsuit against the governor for signing the bill.

The bill, which would have imposed a $1000 dollar fine on any retailer if they sold a violent video game to minors, has before now seen preliminary injunction in late 2005, otherwise it would have gone into effect January 1, 2006. Since then the bill was pending investigation.

On the topic of the bill\'s rejection by Ronald Whyte, California Governor Schwarzenegger vows to \"vigorously defend this law and appeal it to the next level.\"

Judge Whyte\'s ruling was the culmination of many factors, including the lack of successful and significant studies that casually link video games and violence.

Judge Whyte writes:

In addition, the evidence does not establish that video games, because of their interactive nature or otherwise, are any more harmful than violent television, movies, internet sites or other speech-related exposures. Although some reputable professional individuals and organizations have expressed particular concern about the interactive nature of video games, there is no generally-accepted study that supports that concern.

There has also been no detailed study to differentiate between the effects of violent videos on minors of different ages.

Hopefully, this will be the last free speech infringement case before the Federal Government takes some action. Louisiana was already fined $145,000 for legal fees from Jack Thompson\'s unconstitutional bill.

I thought politicians were supposed to uphold our constitutional right. Perhaps I was wrong.


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