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Bioshock Demo On Xbox Live
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game: Bioshock
posted by: Chris Martin
publisher: 2K Games
developer: Irrational
date posted: 01:54 AM Mon Aug 13th, 2007
last revision: 01:54 AM Mon Aug 13th, 2007

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Click to read.Though it just missed it\'s June-July release, Bioshock will be here in a few weeks, finally: it\'ll be here on August 21st.

Each time Irrational Studios releases a new video or tidbit on the way of enlightenment, our mouths begin to salivate, our eyes go bugeyed, and our hands begin to ache that gamer ache. Perhaps it\'s the idea of being in a world that exists around the player, or maybe the fact that Bioshock is the spirit-relative of the critically acclaimed System Shock 1 & 2. You won\'t find Shodan in here, your own misgivings and morals are a bigger threat.

That\'s because you\'ll be deciding the fate of the little sisters, genetically modified children who go around collecting \"Adam\" the game\'s form of biogenetic energy. We\'ve seen in a few videos but now get to experience it for ourselves. Take out the big daddy and make the call...do you spare or do you harvest?

One thing you might notice about Bioshock right away, is that it\'s a role playing game in the shell of a first person shooter. But it\'s more than that. It also puzzles, it adventures and horrifies.

I\'m still going through the demo as I write up this news blurb, so these aren\'t fully formed impressions, yet. The game looks freaking amazing, plays freaking amazing, and I\'m so very impressed I think I need to let it settle in my mind before I write anything more.

Look for the full hands-on preview tomorrow.


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