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Gerstmann Allegedly Fired Over Kane and Lynch Review
game: Kane and Lynch
posted by: Chris Martin
publisher: Eidos
date posted: 01:56 PM Fri Nov 30th, 2007
last revision: 01:57 PM Fri Nov 30th, 2007

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Click to read.If this is true, Gamespot will be allegedly losing one of it\'s finest reviewers over a critically mediocre game, Kane and Lynch: Dead Men.

Primotech stated yesterday that Jeff Gerstmann, 10 year veteran on Gamespot.com, has been fired.
According to a fellow Gamespot contributor and close friend of Gerstmann who wished to remain anonymous, the editor was fired Wednesday morning because of his negative review of the game, which he awarded a 6.0. Comparably speaking, Metacritic lists Kane and Lynch as currently having a 68% average from critics.

Although Primotech admits there might be other reasons for Gerstmann\'s leave, but as of now there have been no announcements by Gerstmann.


Our staff has been a fan of Gerstmann\'s for years, seeing as this site is just about as old (older, actually) than the number of years he\'s spent at Gamespot. Today, I booted up my computer and found several blogs in crying-mode over Jeff\'s departure from the site.

And still a few skeptics.

While I have a hard time believing that Jeff was fired over the review (that\'s just dishonest, Gamespot!) it wouldn\'t really surprise me. Jeff gave an honest, but fan-enraging score of 8.8 to Twilight Princess, and a 10.0 to Tony Hawk\'s Pro Skater 3.

All this reviewer has to say about reviews is this: It is OPINION. It depends on a multitude of factors: anticipation, quality, energy, and perhaps even food. In a perfect world, it wouldn\'t be like that. Reviews would be objective. Reviewers would be robots, able to digest the ineffable ones and zeros and shit out some fucking graph we\'d all be able to understand. The world just ain\'t perfect.

Penny-Arcade has stated their position through three cells. New games journalism, indeed!

Gamesfirst would like to thank Gerstmann for all the years he\'s contributed to games journalism. And for being an honest motherfucker. Wherever you end up, Jeff, you\'ll have fans here. Count on it.


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