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Shadow of Rome
game: Shadow of Rome
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date posted: 12:00 AM Wed Jun 16th, 2004
last revision: 12:00 AM Wed Jun 16th, 2004

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By Steven Simmons 

Capcom releases an all new action-adventure game for the Playstation 2 this winter with Shadow of Rome. Set in 48 B.C. after the murder of Julius Caesar, you play two separate characters working together to uncover the truth behind the emperor's assassination. The game offers a mix of adventure gaming as well as rough and tough action so everyone is happy. Not only that, the game will automatically adjust to your playing style , more brawns (as Agrippa) for the action players and more brains (as Octavius) for those who favor stealth.

As the soldier Agrippa, you will fight in the ancient coliseum, fending for your life in the cruel Roman games.  While you wait to be released into the arena, a guard explains about the day's events?. You get to quiz the guards and the other gladiators with questions, but understandably nobody really wants to chitchat.

As the portcullis is raised and you head into the arena, four other gladiators join you, and they all scramble for the few weapons on the ground. If you aren't the first one to grab the nearest sword, good luck trying to shoulder an enemy and knock one from his hands.

The game allows you to wrestle opponents for their weapons during attacks, a move that may or may not work.  Even if you succeed, each weapon has its physical limit , like you, it can only take so much beating before it breaks. When that happens, you might have to pick up a boulder and smash another gladiator to get a replacement.

Or, if you have been performing well, raise your arms, plea for the crowd's favor and get a better weapon thrown to you.

Your enemies range from small, quick dwarves to massive giants twice your size. A large variety of weapons are available, including short swords, maces, axes, and chains. You compete against other gladiators in a wide variety of challenges ranging from hand to hand combat to chariot races.

You have a good reason to win, too: your father, accused of murdering Caesar, is to be executed by the champion of the gladiatorial events.  Playing as Octavius, your goal is to use your stealth and mind to discover the truth about the assassination before it is too late.

The game promises a very convincing reproduction of ancient Rome, with famous historical figures, accurate weapons, and a vast number of environments both inside and around the city, and realistic sound effects.

Shadow of Rome promises to be a completely engrossing experience that takes you deep into the violence, action, and intrigue of one of the most spectacular times in human history.