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Beta Signups Open for Mobile Online Space Shooter
game: The Battle for Orion's Belt
posted by: Shawn Rider
publisher: Cellufun
developer: Cellufun
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date posted: 10:48 PM Wed Aug 17th, 2005
last revision: 10:50 PM Wed Aug 17th, 2005

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Click to read.The Battle for Orion\'s Belt is a space combat action game where the goal is to blow up the other guys without getting blown up. It\'s a basic, time-tested concept that is not much to brag about in and of itself. What makes Battle for Orion\'s Belt intriguing is its online multiplayer options.

Solo deathmatch play will allow up to eight players to connect for online space bashing. Players can form \"cliques,\" which then compete in team-based cooperative online play. And all of this would seem much less impressive if it weren\'t for the fact that The Battle for Orion\'s Belt is made to work on pretty much every mobile phone.

Online multiplayer on mobile handsets has so far largely been the domain of the N-Gage and a few other carrier-distributed games, and distribution of those games has been limited. Cellufun plans to pursue an independent distribution scheme that allows users from a wide range of mobile networks to get the game, and, thus, to play with their friends who have different plans.

To entice gamers to check things out, Cellufun makes all of their games free to play in the single-player mode. They plan to charge a subscription fee to play networked games online. So far these fees are unknown.

Other games in the Cellufun lineup for 2005 are mostly common parlor games such as Texas Hold \'Em, Chess, and Sudoku. Another Cellufun title, Mobile Pet, is a pet simulator in which one can raise a network-based pet and share their responsibilities with a group of users.

Beta testers are wanted for all of these games. Interested gamers can check out http://www.cellufun.com for more information.

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