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Women in Games International Announces Conference in Seattle
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posted by: Shawn Rider
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date posted: 06:57 PM Thu Aug 18th, 2005
last revision: 10:12 PM Tue Aug 23rd, 2005

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Women in Games International Forms In Response to Industry Demands
New Org Hosts Conference in Seattle with Game Industry Leaders


Thursday, August 18, 2005---Seattle, WA---Women In Games International unveiled itself today as a newly-formed organization in the interactive entertainment industry, spearheaded by a diverse group of game industry leaders. The organization was formed this year in response to a growing demand around the world for the inclusion and advancement of women in the game industry.

Women In Games International advocates issues important to both women and men in the game industry, including a better work/life balance and healthy working conditions. The non-profit organization was founded by Sheri Graner Ray of Sony Online Entertainment, a recognized proponent of women\'s issues in the game industry.

Women In Games International is managed by a steering committee comprised of like-minded individuals, is supported by corporate and media sponsors, and directed by a global advisory board. The organization has been developed in partnership with the Women in Games Conference in Dundee, Scotland.

Kathy Schoback, co-founder and Steering Committee member for Women In Games International, explains further, \"We are committed to the promotion and sponsorship of events such as conferences, workshops and seminars that help women break into and thrive within the game development world. We are also identifying and promoting collaborations and connections between industry and the academy that can help us better understand the industry, our games, and women\'s vital role in both. We are also searching for new methods to increase and retain qualified and talented women in the industry.\" Schoback is VP of Acquisition for AGEIA, the industry leader in game physics.

Jason Della Rocca, Executive Director of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) and a Women In Games International sponsor, offers \"WIGI shares many of the same goals and objectives of the IGDA and our Women\'s SIG (special interest group). It is encouraging to see such energy in the direction of gender diversity within the industry and we are always happy to support such positive efforts.\"

Laura Fryer, co-founder and Steering Committee member for Women In Games International, states \"Although videogames first appeared over 40 years ago, our medium still has tremendous untapped potential. As a gamer, I crave the new experiences that future videogames will bring, and I believe that diversifying our industry is key to reaching our full potential. As we launch a new generation of games, and a new generation of game professionals, this is an exciting time for our industry, and an exciting time to participate in WIGI and help take us all to the next level.\" Fryer is Executive Producer for Microsoft Game Studios in Redmond, Washington.

Women In Games International recently announced today their debut conference in a series, the Women in Games International Conference-Seattle at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington. Titled \"Advancing Your Career in Game Development: The Women\'s Perspective,\" the conference is scheduled 1pm to 6 pm on Saturday, September 10. The half-day conference consists of an opening keynote address, four panel discussions with top experts in the field, and a post-conference networking reception. Future WIGI events in 2006 will be in San Francisco and Dallas.

Confirmed speakers include Sheri Graner Ray, Senior Designer, Sony Online Entertainment; Sheri Hargus, CTO, Her Interactive; Rick Lambright, Director of Online Technology, Sony Online Entertainment; Shannon Loftis, Group Program Manager, Microsoft Game Studios; Stuart Moulder, Vice President, Wild Tangent; Sandra Rumsey, QA Manager, Mobliss; Samantha Ryan, CEO, Monolith Productions; Jen Sward, Instructor, DigiPen and more.

Conference sponsors include Microsoft Game Studios, International Game Developers Association (IGDA), Game Developers Conference (GDC), DigiPen, Mary-Margaret.com, Girls in Games, WomenGamers.com and Business Wire.

The Women In Games International Conference ?Seattle will be held at Microsoft, Building 122, in the Hyak/Chelan rooms (first floor), located at 15120 NE 40th Street in Redmond, Washington. Attendance is free and space is limited. Attendees can reserve their spot by registering online at http://www.womeningamesinternational.org.