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New Prey Screens Revealed
game: Prey
posted by: Shawn Rider
publisher: 2K Games
developer: 3D Realms
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date posted: 11:10 AM Wed Sep 7th, 2005
last revision: 11:08 AM Wed Sep 7th, 2005

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Click to read.Prey looks like it will be an incredible game. Lots more details can be found in our E3 Preview of Prey, in which Chris Martin runs down all the relevant data: Prey was shelved for several years by 3D Realms, but has since been overhauled with the help of Human Head Studios and looks to be a major hit for both PC and Xbox 360.

Running on the bleeding-edge Doom 3 engine, Prey combines intense shooter action with physics-oriented and even some vehicular gameply. The basic premise is this: You play Tommy, a Cherokee mechanic living on the Rez and not doing much with his life. Then the aliens come and begin sucking everything up through some kind of dimensional portal. The experience affects Tommy deeply, as being sucked into an alternate alien dimension often does. He now must save himself, his girlfriend, and all the rest of humanity.

With really unique gameplay elements (such as an afterlife sequence in which Tommy must recapture his spirit in order to continue the game), and plenty of sci-fi creepy vibery going on, Prey is pretty much guaranteed to be an amazing hit.

Read the full E3 Prey Preview by Chris Martin

Here\'s the list of features from the publisher\'s website:

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