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5 Minute Guide to Tekken 5
posted by: Chris Martin
publisher: Namco
developer: Namco
ESRB rating: T (Teen)
date posted: 12:00 AM Tue Jul 26th, 2005
last revision: 04:01 PM Sun Aug 14th, 2005

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Click to read.Tekken 5 is a very difficult game, especially on the tougher settings. It is a game that requires a sharp eye and a quick finger. And so, let us begin. Grab your controller and get ready to rumble!

Learn the Menu:
The menu system is natural and simple, it does everything it needs to without compromising options. First there\'s the Arcade Mode, where you can battle with your custom fighter through an endless assault of AI players. There\'s Story Mode, where you can learn of the fates of each of the characters. Versus mode is great for two players to battle. And Practice mode allows you to learn each character\'s moves and watch a recording of your character doing the moves against a dummy.

There is also a new Devil Within Mode. In this mode you play as Jin to find out how he grew horns and sprouted wings. There are options to customize your character here as well as change some gameplay settings, like \"round time\" or \"sound effect volume\" - that sort of thing. Because Tekken 5 is most like a conglomeration of all the Tekken series, included are the arcade versions of Tekken 1, 2, and 3 which can offer a nice deviation from the actual game, or just let you see where Tekken came from.

Choose Your Character:
Each character has his or her strenghts and weaknesses: counters, dodges, strong attacks, combos... there are as many ways to play Tekken 5 as there are people who play it. Still there are some basic ideas that carry over for each character. These are: Use your throws: Some characters are better throwers than others, but that doesn\'t mean that you should neglect them. Press X + Square or Triangle + Circle to initiate a throw. Getting out of an opponent\'s throw requires you to press the same combination of buttons (X+Square, Triangle+Circle) at the same time they do, which, if done correctly should get you out of it. Alternate punches/kicks: Pressing the same button over and over will never get you anywhere in Tekken 5. Remember there are two punch buttons (Triangle & Square) and two kicks (X & Circle). Alternate pressing the two punches for \"one two\" style combos and likewise for kicks. Pressing two kicks or two punches together are often \"power\" hits that do more damage, but take longer to execute.

Don\'t charge in!:
Charging into the fray is the first step to getting knocked out. Although some characters are better when aggressive, all can benefit from waiting for the opponent to mess up. Learn to Block: Blocking is the most important thing in Tekken 5. If you know lots of moves but never block, your days will soon be numbered. Press away from your opponent to block.

Learn the Moves:
The best way to win at Tekken 5 is to go into Practice Mode and learn your character\'s moves. Each character functions differently. Asuka Kazama, for instance, has lots of charge and cartwheel moves, but works best when throwing constantly. Hwaraang, as another example, has amazing kick moves, but cannot punch to save his life. The time spent in the Practice Mode will reflect your skill when you take your character in Arcade or Story Modes or fight your friend in Versus Mode.

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