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twoplayer comic: It Does Everything!
posted by: Aaron Stanton
publisher: GamesFirst.com
date posted: 12:00 AM Tue May 17th, 2005
last revision: 12:24 PM Tue Aug 16th, 2005

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The exciting part about being in L.A. for E3 is venturing out into the unknown. It\'s the joy of getting up earl to tackle that first morning post of the day, and the probably insignificant continental breakfast that\'s sure to be waiting in the hotel lounge. The Microsoft and Nintendo press conferences are today\'s big events, followed by the first party of the show for the recently arrived GF team. Of all the parties I\'ve been to, eFocus has traditionally been one of my favorites. It most likely doesn\'t have celebrity appearances or lots of flashing lights, but they know what\'s important: a select number of booths for the attendees to browse and some really good food. Considering the hectic nature of the rest of E3, the overwhelming level of activity and noise pollution that takes place on the show floor itself, eFocus has always struck me as the calm center before hitting the storm. You go, relax, let the chef cook your pasta or Mexican food or whatever else you selected for them to fry up (sort of Mongolian BBQ style? only better), and you browse the selection of nifty goodies and gadgets in leisure. I\'ve never understood why it is that game companies always include epilepsy warnings in their game manuals, but then feel free to strap you into a chair and flash strobe lights at you during E3. If I were the more paranoid sort, I\'d be worried about some sort of a Manchurian Candidate style affair for E3 press. I\'d have to start questioning all of my instincts, like why I\'ve suddenly developed a desire to eat a bagel with Salmon spread.

Maybe the Nintendo Revolution is just a little machine that beams feelings of goodwill about Nintendo into the brains of people in the room. Don\'t know how much fun it would be, but the ultimate result is that anyone with a Revolution in their living room would go through the day perpetually happy with whatever toy Nintendo happened to plop into their laps. We\'ll see. All I know is that following what we\'ve seen from Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo is going to need something more revolutionary than a blueberry version of the DS.

Aaron Stanton