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Mojo Master Multiplayer Comes Oct. 31
game: Mojo Master
posted by: Shawn Rider
publisher: Axe
developer: Wild Tangent
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date posted: 08:35 PM Wed Oct 19th, 2005

Click to read.Wild Tangent and Axe, two companies that make us feel kind of oogey on the inside, have teamed up on a dating sim for dudes. Mojo Master puts you into a 3D world full of hotties to hook up. It\'s a combination of traditional conversation-based gameplay mixed with a card game approach to abilities. Make the right moves and play the right cards and you collect those digits. And with the addition of multiplayer \"Playa vs. Playa\" modes, the new version of Mojo Master (due October 31) could achieve new levels of sausage party shenanigans.

Gameplay centers around chatting up ladies from studly environs all over the world. \"Playas\" make moves from the Playbook, which contains over 500 abilities and skills to use. These range from the \"Tot Shot\" (using a kid as a hook when going for the hook-up) to the \"Low Five\" (a \"strategic\" placement of the hand) and the \"Bling Fling\" (casually showing off your gold watch). If you\'re successful, you get the digits, and your Playa ranking increases. If not, you\'re kicked to the curb, as they say. Once you\'ve conquered one finey, can move on to the next.

There are over 100 different women, each with a different personality. Mojo Master uses the \"Seduction Compass\" by which playas chart the personality of each prospect in terms of light, fire, earth, ice, and shadow. It sounds awfully Magic: The Gathering to be sexy...

Multiplayer mode pits two guys against each other trying to seduce a woman. Multiplayer mode won\'t launch until October 31, but it sounds like it could bring a whole new level of awkwardness to online multiplayer. It\'s creepy enough to play first-person shooters on Xbox Live with all the homophobia and racism; I can\'t imagine what it would be like to play a dating sim online. Fortunately, PC gamers tend to be a bit less offensive, but that\'s by no means a rule. Plus, all those Axe body spray fumes can\'t be good for people.

I\'m not sure whether or not this game is going to be at all worth talking about, but the fact that it is both a dating sim (a genre rarely seen in the US) and one of the more impressive titles developed as Wild Tangent\'s advertiser-funded projects. Just to check out a dating sim is enough reason to download the free title, and if it\'s worthwhile, I\'ll let you know.

You can download Mojo Master (and after October 31 Mojo Master Multiplayer) at http://www.MojoMasterGame.com .

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