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twoplayer comic: Meet Xbox 2 (Part 3)
posted by: Aaron Stanton
publisher: GamesFirst! Internet Magazine
date posted: 12:00 AM Sun May 1st, 2005
last revision: 01:02 PM Tue Aug 16th, 2005

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Dear GamesFirst Reader,

Well, it\'s May. May is great. I really mean that. In Idaho, May is the first point that Spring really starts to be reliably Spring-like; the possibility of a freak snow storm drops to a little below 50%, and leaving your jacket at home on the peg becomes a little less like a challenge to the weather gods to see how many appendages they can freeze off. Also, unlike August, September, January, December - any of the other months - it\'s got only 3 letters and 1 syllable, which makes it easy to spell. That\'s really nice for me. It also has E3. E3 is like the proving grounds for game journalists; when you reach the right age, you\'re sent off into the mystic land of L.A. to experience a trial by fire, and possibly to hunt a mythical animal known as a Snipe, depending on whether or not you can trust your friends. This year\'s E3 in particular is starting to look rather interesting if you pay much attention to rumors about the next generation consoles. Not only are there claims the Nintendo Revolution is going sport some sort of 3D capability, but the Xbox 360 will have a goofy looking logo that causes seizures, and the PS3 will be capable of time travel. Regardless, in two weeks, not only will I have finished the last of my finals, but we\'ll be a lot more informed about what Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have planned for us.

The point is, we\'re running short on time to poke fun in the twoplayer comics about the next-gen systems, and so far we\'ve been taking up pretty much all of our time with Microsoft. This week\'s comic finishes off the Meet Xbox 2 comics, which leaves us one or two more weekly slots for the other systems before we fly to L.A. for E3. When the show does arrive, we plan on switching over to a black and white daily twoplayer comic for the week of E3, starting after the traditional color comic on the Sunday before. In the mean time, I get to stock my fridge for the upcoming BBQ on the 12th. I mean, it\'s May, right? What better reason to have a BBQ than to celebrate the media being jerked around by the press whims of the major console players? Not that I\'m bitter that Sony\'s decision to hold their press conference early means I\'ll be arriving in L.A. two hours too late to be there. I guess that teaches me to buy plane tickets early. *sigh*

Aaron Stanton

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