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New Darwinia Demo
game: Darwinia
posted by: Shawn Rider
publisher: Introversion Software
developer: Introversion Software
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date posted: 03:51 PM Sun Oct 23rd, 2005
last revision: 03:51 PM Sun Oct 23rd, 2005

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Click to read.Darwinia is an indy game that really shows how cool indy games can be. Set in a strange computer cyber world, Darwinia takes some of the coolest gameplay and graphics elements we\'ve seen in games and combines them into a really wonderful package that feels sharp, stylish, and is immensely playable. Fans of RTS and tactical squad-based games should definitely check out Darwinia, and anyone who loves that retro computer graphics look will be blown away by Darwinia\'s retro-future visuals.

The previous demo apparently didn\'t show off the true quality of the game, so in an unprecedented move, Introversion has sent us an admission of guilt for the whole \"Darwinia Demo Cock Up\" and lets us know that there is a new version of the demo available for download on the website. Darwinia already impressed us -- we can\'t wait to check out this new version.

Download the new demo of Darwinia here.

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