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twoplayer comic: Meet Xbox 2 (Part 2)
posted by: Aaron Stanton
publisher: GamesFirst! Internet Magazine
date posted: 12:00 AM Sat Apr 23rd, 2005
last revision: 01:07 PM Tue Aug 16th, 2005

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Noah Kroese, artist and co-creator of twoplayer comic, was inconsiderate enough to be in New York last week when we launched the first edition of the comic strip. We punished him by raiding his fridge, eating all his food - even the green stuff that moved - and launching without really giving him the opportunity to add his own thoughts to the introductory comments. After he threatened to draw only embarrassing pictures of the editorial staff until we let him have his say, we figured we\'d let him introduce himself in his own way. After all, there are some things that are funny, and some things that are just plain scary; the GF! editorial staff falls almost exclusively on the scary side, and no one really wants to see us in our natural form - that\'s about as embarrassing a thing as I can think of. Last week, Aaron Stanton, writer and co-creator of twoplayer comic, gave his take on what this comic-thing is all about. Now, it\'s Noah\'s turn.

Dear GF readers,

I\'ll never forget the words my father said to me after I told him I wanted to make a living as a cartoonist:

What, are you retarded? Your mother always said you were slow, but I figured you at least had a handful of gray cells to work with. Son, for God\'s sake, pick a job that\'ll pay the rent, because I\'ll be damned if you\'re going to live under my roof forever.

With as much confidence as I could muster at eight years old, I looked my dad square in the face and said, At least I\'ve got hair.

See, I\'ve only ever been good at two things: drawing and cheap shots. It seemed like cartooning was tailor-made for the skills at my disposal. (Actually, I do have a third skill, but reciting the words to every PM Dawn song just doesn\'t pique the interest of employers the way it used to).

Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I kept up with cartooning over the years. I\'ll admit: it hasn\'t been an easy road. There\'s a lot of competition in this field. There are some very talented people producing a lot of good work these days. But I\'ve always been an equal-opportunity offender, and I feel confident enough in my own abilities to stand tall in the ranks with those talented people. And make fun of them.

So after several years, as many publications, hundreds of cartoons and thousands of hours of therapy, I\'m at it again, this time with Twoplayer comics. While it may seem to have some elements in common with other strips on the web or in print, Twoplayer is going to be anything but business as usual.

I often think back on that conversation with my father as I eat Top Ramen in a cramped apartment that smells like a mattress at the Salvation Army. Yeah, maybe I don\'t have a high salary job. Maybe I am malnourished from months of eating expired Kraft products. Maybe all my clothes are stretched out because I have to wrestle them out of the hands of old homeless women and paraplegics at the free barrels of the YMCA.

I guess I can\'t say I have the trappings of a successful career track. But I do have something far more valuable than any of those other things.


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