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Monica Hafer, Senior Staff
email: monica[AT]gamesfirst.com
user imageHi All. I first joined up with the GF! staff in October of 1998, when my friend Shawn convinced me I should put my writing and gaming talents to work for the greater good. This has been one of the most wonderful creative teams to work with/for.

I have been gaming since my folks bought my brother and I an Atari in 1980, and haven\'t stopped since. Although I have had many wonderful games I\'ve been in love with, I still remember the feeling of awe and obsession that I had playing the first Tomb Raider. For party games, you just can\'t do better than Tekken and a little Mario racing action. I hope to be playing games until I\'m 80 years old, and they have to pry the controller out of my twisted, arthritic hands.
Monica Hafer has written 43 articles.
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