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Noah Kroese, Staff Artist
email: comics[AT]gamesfirst.com
user imageLike any kid, Noah loved cartoons. The variety, the color, the stories and the humor. He loved comic books and comic strips alike. Every venue supporting drawing became fodder, and he had a voracious appetite. Unlike so many others, however, his interest never waned, and he continue to love the field. ?I appreciate comics not only from a consumer standpoint,? Noah says, ?but also from the side of a creator. I?ve always loved art, and I have devoted the last five years to comics and editorial cartoons. I?m always looking for new arenas in which to ply my trade.? When GamesFirst Internet Magazine approached him about cartooning and co-creating a comic for them, he jumped at the chance. ?If you enjoy reading them half as much as I enjoy drawing them, you?ll have a great time.?
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