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First Impressions: Too Human
game: Too Human
preview | 07/18/08 | Chris Martin
This terribly cold, strenuous year has entered it\'s warming period. Twentysomethings venture to an class='searchHighlight'>thean> park for volleyball or soccer. Some throw frisbees or discs, if you prefer an class='searchHighlight'>thean> neutral term. Also, an class='searchHighlight'>thean> demo for Too Human has hit Live Marketplace. We suggest you go download it and play it. It\'s a game with as much controversy as variety, as little tact as subtlety.
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an class='searchHighlight'>Thean> Simpsons Game: Best. Simpsons Game. Ever.
game: an class='searchHighlight'>Thean> Simpsons Game
review | 04/06/08 | Shawn Rider
an class='searchHighlight'>Thean> Simpsons are a perennial videogame topic. Many of an class='searchHighlight'>thean> games created in an class='searchHighlight'>thean> franchise are utterly forgettable. (Anyone up for a round of Simpsons Wrestling? Didn\'t think so...) But an class='searchHighlight'>thean>re have been a few wellan class='searchHighlight'>an class='searchHighlight'>-an>an>done Simpsons games: Simpsons Hit and Run (a GTA clone) and an class='searchHighlight'>Thean> Simpsons Road Rage (a Crazy Taxi clone) were both enjoyable. an class='searchHighlight'>Thean> Simpsons Game isn\'t a direct ripan class='searchHighlight'>an class='searchHighlight'>-an>an>off of any particular game. It sticks to a platform/action approach and uses an class='searchHighlight'>thean> whole world of videogames for its satirical fodder. an class='searchHighlight'>Thean> result is a Simpsons game that may be slightly less polished in terms of gameplay but is easily an class='searchHighlight'>thean> game that feels most like a real Simpsons episode. Check out our review for more.
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Get a Little Gore from Your PSP with God of War: Chains of Olympus
game: God of War: Chains of Olympus
review | 03/31/08 | Shawn Rider
Everyone\'s favorite bloodthirsty Spartan is back, and, as usual, he\'s pissed. In this prequel to an class='searchHighlight'>thean> oan class='searchHighlight'>thean>r two God of War titles, you\'ll help Kratos save an class='searchHighlight'>thean> planet from eternal darkness. God of War: Chains of Olympus delivers an class='searchHighlight'>thean> same insane action and impeccable quality of an class='searchHighlight'>thean> previous PlayStation 2 editions, and that is an accomplishment for a title with both a brand new developer (an class='searchHighlight'>thean> capable Ready at Dawn) and a brand new console. This is an class='searchHighlight'>thean> best reason so far to blow an class='searchHighlight'>thean> dust off your PSP. Check out our review.
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Lost: Via Domus Review
game: Lost: Via Domus
review | 03/22/08 | Shawn Rider
Never one to leave any stone unturned for clues about an class='searchHighlight'>thean> next big revelation on Lost, our intrepid Editor in Chief, Shawn Rider, takes a look at Lost: Via Domus. It\'s a dirty job that nobody else wanted, and evidence that Shawn clearly has a problem. It\'s not a great game, but it is a solid six to eight hours of time spent with Lost. And sometimes that\'s all you need.
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BioShock DLC and Plasmid Details
game: BioShock
news | 12/06/07 | Chris Martin
an class='searchHighlight'>Thean> oan class='searchHighlight'>thean>r day we posted about BioShock\'s new DLC, stating new plasmids and an class='searchHighlight'>thean> ability to turn off vitaan class='searchHighlight'>an class='searchHighlight'>-an>an>chambers. an class='searchHighlight'>Thean>re\'s more, don\'t worry. We\'ve got an class='searchHighlight'>thean> details on an class='searchHighlight'>thean> new plasmids, as well as an class='searchHighlight'>thean> answer to \"what an class='searchHighlight'>thean> hell does Horizontal FOV actually do?\" While 2K ponders a sequel to BioShock, we can, at least, enjoy an class='searchHighlight'>thean> bliss that is an class='searchHighlight'>thean> first, again, if we so desire, we and our brass balls.
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Pirates of an class='searchHighlight'>thean> Burning Sea Goes Open Beta
game: Pirates of an class='searchHighlight'>thean> Burning Sea
preview | 12/05/07 | Jamie Gergen
It\'s 1720 A.D. and an class='searchHighlight'>thean> seas of an class='searchHighlight'>thean> Carribean are an class='searchHighlight'>thean> new battlefront for an class='searchHighlight'>thean> powers of Europe. Pirates, Privateers, and Free Traders cruise an class='searchHighlight'>thean> waters in search of an class='searchHighlight'>thean>ir fortunes, while Navy ships of an class='searchHighlight'>thean> line keep as much order as one can with fleets of Pirates sailing an class='searchHighlight'>thean>ir dark colors from an class='searchHighlight'>thean> mast. Like pages from a Patrick O\'Brien novel, Pirates of an class='searchHighlight'>thean> Burning Sea brings an class='searchHighlight'>thean> life on an class='searchHighlight'>thean> sea to your computer with fantastic success.
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XBL Arcade Review: Undertow
game: Undertow
review | 12/05/07 | Chris Martin
Undertow is what Xbox Live Arcade needs more of: a simple premise with perfect execution and excellent multiplayer through Live. Play with up to 16 players through Live or splitan class='searchHighlight'>an class='searchHighlight'>-an>an>screen locally or System Link. Or just add bots. Capture an class='searchHighlight'>thean> spawnan class='searchHighlight'>an class='searchHighlight'>-an>an>points to reduce an class='searchHighlight'>thean> enemy\'s \"tickets\" or lives to zero. An absolutely simple, stunning game with deep combat and strategy, Undertow is a testament to an class='searchHighlight'>thean> greatness developers can achieve in such a small package.
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Bioshock DLC En Route, Pleases Plasmid Junkies, Masochists
game: Bioshock
news | 12/01/07 | Chris Martin
2K Boston and 2K Australia created an awesome artan class='searchHighlight'>an class='searchHighlight'>-an>an>deco world at an class='searchHighlight'>thean> ocean\'s floor, but an class='searchHighlight'>thean>y\'re not done. an class='searchHighlight'>Thean> critically acclaimed and successful Bioshock is back for more next week. As reported by Shacknews and 1up, Bioshock will be getting its first downloadable content sometime next week (that\'s an class='searchHighlight'>thean> 2nd through an class='searchHighlight'>thean> 7th) to get fans to revisit an class='searchHighlight'>thean> world of Rapture.
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Gerstmann Allegedly Fired Over Kane and Lynch Review
game: Kane and Lynch
news | 11/30/07 | Chris Martin
If this is true, Gamespot will be allegedly losing ann\"" onClick="window.open( this.href, '_self' ); return false;" title="">one of it\'s finest reviewers over a ankings.com/htmlpages2/934403.asp?q=kane%20%20lynch\"" onClick="window.open( this.href, '_self' ); return false;" title="">critically mediocre game, Kane and Lynch: Dead Men.

Primotech stated yesterday that Jeff Gerstmann, 10 year veteran on Gamespot.com, has been fired.
According to a fellow Gamespot contributor and close friend of Gerstmann who wished to remain anonymous, an class='searchHighlight'>thean> editor was fired Wednesday morning because of his negative review of an class='searchHighlight'>thean> game, which he awarded a 6.0. Comparably speaking, Metacritic lists Kane and Lynch as currently having a 68% average from critics.

Although Primotech admits an class='searchHighlight'>thean>re might be oan class='searchHighlight'>thean>r reasons for Gerstmann\'s leave, but as of now an class='searchHighlight'>thean>re have been no announcements by Gerstmann.
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Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Review
game: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
review | 11/21/07 | George Holomshek
Harmonix may have moved on to Rock Band, but an class='searchHighlight'>thean> Guitar Hero franchise still goes strong. an class='searchHighlight'>Thean> third Guitar Hero features online play, a great song list, and an class='searchHighlight'>thean> best fake guitar money can buy. But did Tony Hawk developer Neversoft shred this one up too much? Do a few glaring issues keep this hero from saving an class='searchHighlight'>thean> day?
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E For All
news | 11/19/07 | Monica Hafer
E For All made its debut last month, attempting to be an class='searchHighlight'>thean> more democratic, \"everyman\'s\" convention in an class='searchHighlight'>thean> videogame industry. While its stature was smaller than E3 had been in an class='searchHighlight'>thean> past, it certainly had a heck of a lot of heart. Monica was our eyes and ears on an class='searchHighlight'>thean> scene of what might be an class='searchHighlight'>thean> herald of a new focus in an class='searchHighlight'>thean> world of game marketing and development.
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New Forza 2 DLC Track Pack Arrives With Four Track Variants
game: Forza Motorsport 2
news | 10/27/07 | Chris Martin
Fans have been pressuring Turn 10 for this for a long time: new DLC Track Pack. \"Twin Ring\" Motegi is an class='searchHighlight'>thean> first downloadable track to be featured in Forza Motorsport 2. And actually, it\'s an class='searchHighlight'>thean> best download for Forza 2 yet. Because of an class='searchHighlight'>thean> unique design of an class='searchHighlight'>thean> Twin Rings we get not one, but four different tracks. Details inside. an class='searchHighlight'>Thean> pack is 400 Microsoft Points.
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PGR 4 Review
game: Project Gotham Racing 4
review | 10/24/07 | Chris Martin
Fans of racing games take note: Project Gotham Racing 4 is a dream come truean class='searchHighlight'>an class='searchHighlight'>-an>an>an class='searchHighlight'>an class='searchHighlight'>-an>an>lots of exotic cars, tons of tracks, weaan class='searchHighlight'>thean>r effects, Bulldog Mode, and a rockan class='searchHighlight'>an class='searchHighlight'>-an>an>solid career mode to boot. Oh yeah, and motorcycles. PGR4 might be working a gamer niche that is already supersaturated by an class='searchHighlight'>thean> likes of Forza, PGR3, and Burnout. But it still manages, despite it\'s competition, to be a furiously enjoyable racer with more variety than it perhaps knows what to do with.
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Street Fighter IV Announced
game: Street Fighter IV
news | 10/18/07 | George Holomshek
So here\'s some news to brighten your day. Over in London Capcom just dropped a megaton with an class='searchHighlight'>thean> revelation of Street Fighter IV, an class='searchHighlight'>thean> first true sequel to an class='searchHighlight'>thean> epic fighter series in a decade. Many gamers see an class='searchHighlight'>thean>ir SF skills as a point of pride, and we may be set to enter a whole new era of trash talking.
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Sonic an class='searchHighlight'>Thean> Hedgehog in Super Smash Bros. Brawl
game: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
news | 10/10/07 | Chris Martin
Several poorly doctored videos have been circulating an class='searchHighlight'>thean> interweb regarding an class='searchHighlight'>thean> blue blur\'s inclusion in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. But today, according to Gemaga\'s Live Blog, and an class='searchHighlight'>thean>n rean class='searchHighlight'>an class='searchHighlight'>-an>an>reported by 1UP, Nintendo has rolled a new trailer for Super Smash Bros. Brawl with Sonic an class='searchHighlight'>thean> Hedgehog \"jumping, spinning, and even turning into Super Sonic.\" I think Nintendo just sold anoan class='searchHighlight'>thean>r ten million Wii...
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