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Preview - Lula 3D
game: Lula 3D
posted by: George Holomshek
publisher: CDV
developer: CDV
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ESRB rating: RP (Rating Pending)
date posted: 09:06 AM Wed Feb 8th, 2006
last revision: 09:07 AM Wed Feb 8th, 2006

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Click to read.Please note ? \"Lula 3D\" is an adult oriented, erotic action-adventure game and contains material not suitable for minors or people who take themselves too seriously. You have been warned.

Like all good forms of entertainment, the world of video games needs to have a wide spectrum of titles in which there is something for everyone, no matter how odd or shallow some people\'s interests may be. Enter \"Lula 3D\", CDV\'s latest action-adventure game starring the very well-endowed porn star, Lula.

The story, for what it\'s worth, starts out with the mysterious kidnapping of Lula\'s co-stars right before the shooting of her latest film. Lula\'s only clues are security tapes showing mysterious masked characters sneaking through the park, as well as the existence of a strange black delivery van. Also, after seeing all the bad-guys smoke, Lula comes across a box of matches from an ominous San Francisco club in her villa. Through the game Lula will follow a trail of clues that will lead her across America in search of her kidnapped bosom buddies.

Make no mistake, this is a very adult oriented game. Just from what is shown in screenshots and the trailer, which includes full nudity as well as a stripper providing a patron with a little oral pleasure, the final release isn\'t going to pull any punches when it comes to being dirty.

Looking at Lula 3D it is easy to see where the developers spent a lot of their time; the character models. The characters are smooth and look a lot like upgraded Sims who have undergone extensive plastic surgery. CDV even went so far as to use actual motion capture to get the \"jiggle factor\" just right. If there is an award for best use of motion capture to benefit mankind, CDV gets my vote.

However, while the characters are generally soft and good looking, the environments seem to suffer from that \"built of polygons\" look. Jaggies are a common sight, objects are rigid and stiff looking, and the only real curvature to be found is on feminine bodies. In spite of this, flipping through screenshots reveals some very visible improvement in almost every graphical aspect. This makes me wonder exactly how polished the final version is.

But in all honesty, it would be a shame to treat this game in too serious a tone, seeing that it doesn\'t even take itself seriously. Lula 3D is all about making lewd and very tongue-in-cheek jokes while providing a little computer generated nudity. Given its risqu? content, Lula 3D will not actually be seen in stores here in the U.S., but will be distributed online starting this March. Look for our full review then.

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