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Fabled Sequel Joins Microsoft Lineup
game: Fable 2
posted by: Chris Martin
publisher: Microsoft
developer: Lionhead Studios
date posted: 03:20 AM Wed May 10th, 2006
last revision: 03:18 AM Wed May 10th, 2006

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Click to read.Today at the Microsoft Press Conference Microsoft\'s pulled the curtains on of their biggest sellers for the original Xbox: Fable 2 is coming for the Xbox 360.

Tor the many gamers who agree that Fable was an underrated, overhyped classic, Peter Molynux\'s team at Lionhead Studios (which is now a first party developer for Microsoft) is here to do what they physically (and electronically) couldn\'t on Microsoft\'s big black box.

While the video (all done in CG) was quite impressive, we still know little about the actual game. It was all dramatic magic, good/evil ideals. The video opened with a girl in a hood, bedfast by trees, surrounded by dragonflies. She plays with a Chinese finger puzzle and stated that you could follow a benevolent path or one of corruption. The game also showed firearms, deviating somewhat from the original sword-n-sorcery theme from the original. But given the original\'s appeal, they probably didn\'t deviate too much.

There was no gameplay footage shown, and we\'re a little skeptical that Peter Molyneux and co. had much time to really get into development of Fable 2 (or at least, Microsoft is keeping a tight lip about details). Still, we\'ll have more details about Fable 2 if there are any playables on the floor (please Peter, please!) or any reps from Lionhead around to give us a few minutes. Stay tuned to our E3 coverage!

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