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ups: It tries really hard to be a fun game.
downs: It just really isn't a fun game at all.

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What the Truck? Another Big Mutha Truckers?
game: Big Mutha Truckers 2
two star
posted by: Steffan Del Piano
publisher: THQ
developer: Empire
date posted: 12:40 PM Mon Sep 12th, 2005
last revision: 11:17 AM Mon Sep 12th, 2005

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Click to read.Big Mutha Truckers 2 is as erratic as an eighteen wheeler careening down the Jersey Turnpike hoping to beat beach traffic. Taking control of one of Ma Jackson\'s four kids, the player will find herself carting cargo (both legal and contraband) back and forth Hick State County in hopes of raising enough money to bribe six jurors in Ma\'s upcoming criminal trial.

In control of an out of control big rig the player must clobber cop cars, help out hobo-hitchhikers, evade evil extraterrestrial assaults, and shake off shady biker gangs in order to ensure procuring enough loot to make each trip a profitable one.

On top of all of this inane and insane action BMT2 has got a heaping portion of hick jokes. From, incest to bestiality and pro-wrestling to Area-51 BMT2\'s sense of humor is as messy and all-over-the-place as a food fight in Ol\' Country Buffet (a gourmet restaurant to the Jackson family if there ever was one).

With all this seemingly good, sloppy fun how come this game leaves you hungrier than a four hundred pound trucker in an organic food store?

Is it because the back and forth flow of the deliveries gets tedious after three trips?

Or, maybe, it\'s because the humor isn\'t all that funny?

Oh-perhaps it\'s the fact that, although you\'re driving an eighteen-wheeler the control scheme is the same as it is in every other driving game you\'ve played-so that your big rig rides and responds like a sluggish Honda Civic.

Good driving games focus on two elements: the player\'s vehicle and the game world. In BMT2 the developers seem to have overlooked these two key elements and instead, poured all of their time, into creating ambiance with corny cut-scenes and teenage-caliber humor written all over the walls of the various dives the jurors hide out in. With fairly typical gameplay and run-of-the-mill graphics, if I was stranded on the roadside and saw one of Ma Jackson\'s headed my way, I\'d hide my thumb and hitch a ride home with someone else.

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