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twoplayer comic: Too Ugly for E3
posted by: Aaron Stanton
publisher: GamesFirst! Internet Magazine
date posted: 12:00 AM Wed May 18th, 2005
last revision: 12:21 PM Tue Aug 16th, 2005

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Before each E3, we editors spend hours and hours setting up appointments, arranging hotels, and preparing for the show. It\'s fairly ironic, then, that after those long and grueling hours helping make sure everyone\'s press credentials got them onto the show floor this year, I never received my media badge in the mail. Of the nine people GamesFirst has covering E3 this year, I was the only one whose media badge never showed up at the office. By the time we had to leave for the flight to L.A., I boarded the plane without my precious, precious E3 badge. In years past this would have been a huge problem, but in the last two or three years E3 has beefed up their technological abilities and can now re-print your lost, forgotten, or vanished press pass. It makes you wonder though, what happened to my original press badge? I like to imagine it\'s someplace comfy - like Hawaii - and that it\'s someplace that it can expect a better retirement than hanging on my wall following the show.

The big question, though, is what powers that be organized to keep me out? And why? Hence, this week\'s twoplayer comic.

On a side note, I spent most of the night between the eFocus party - which feeds you extraordinary food and hooked me up with a demo of the latest in physics acceleration (going to change the industry, trust me) - and the pre-E3 Midway party. Besides the fact that the door was being guarded by some guy that looked like Fabio? maybe it was Fabio? and the fact that I got to bed way later than I\'d have liked, it was a pretty good time. I ran into a researcher for Penny-Arcade, a fairly pleasant seeming fellow that seemed to have a fairly refined taste in games; he longed for the old-school days of Wizard needs food, in Gauntlet. It was a bit disappointing, though, because his reaction was a bit cool when I mentioned that we had launched our own webcomic. He made a rather off-hand comment about it probably not being very good quality because it was new. It was a joke, and not exactly a condemning statement, but certainly not one to put wind under your sails right at the start, you know? Ah, well.

Oh look, it\'s almost 6 in the morning. It\'s time for me to start getting ready for the first day of E3, at least the first day that the exhibit floor is open. I\'m going to go play with the physics accelerators some more. A company called Ageia is in a good position to change how we play games, and as far as I\'m concerned it\'s physics acceleration, not graphic processor, that\'s going to define the next generation of games.

Aaron Stanton

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