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Dead Rising Screens From TGS
game: Dead Rising
posted by: Shawn Rider
publisher: Capcom
developer: Capcom
date posted: 10:44 AM Fri Sep 23rd, 2005
last revision: 10:44 AM Fri Sep 23rd, 2005

Click to read.Dead Rising is the new franchise from Keiji Inafune, the creator of Onimusha. Featuring hordes and hordes zombies at any given time, Dead Rising promises to recreate the most intense scenes of undead chaos from the classic zombie movies we all know and love.

You play a photographer who must figure out a way to survive amidst all of the undead who want nothing but a bit of brains to munch. In order to survive, you have to use pretty much anything you find to beat down the zombie masses, and when you can\'t find anything, you\'ll have to pop flash and run.

Being the huge, gigantic zombie fans that we are around here, plus serious shutterbugs in our own right, Dead Rising sounds like a match made in heaven. We\'ll be waiting with crossed fingers for its release on Xbox 360. The actual release date has yet to be announced, so in the meantime we\'ll just look at these screens once a day.

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