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Lost Kingdoms II Review (GC)

July 6, 2003

Activision brings us a little bit of what Gamecube owners are dying to get: an RPG! Lost Kingdoms II is the sequel to the first RPG released for the GC, and it shows significant improvements. Unfortunately, it's still a fairly brief card-collecting game with a thin storyline. RPG fans should read this review before buying. Click here.

Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb Review (PC)

LucasArts has finally shown a little love to their "other" big movie franchise. Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb doesn't push any limits, and it could be more fun to play, but the classic storyline and solid construction make it more than worth a run-through for anyone partial to our fave anthropology professor. Click here.  

Guild Wars Preview (PC)

Notable MMORPG publisher NCSoft has unveiled their next big thing: Guild Wars. This looks like the same high quality gaming experience we've seen before, but NCSoft has an ace up their sleeve: Guild Wars will be the first MMORPG without a monthly user fee. Yep. Plus all kinds of other cool stuff. Click for more.

Rugrats Go Wild Review (PC)

The Rugrats and the Wild Thornberrys team up, as we all know, in Rugrats Go Wild, this summer's kiddie bizomb. But the videogame version is pretty much just a bomb. The sound and visuals are just right, but game developers should remember: Kids are young people, not stupid people. Challenge our youth. Click for more.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review (Xbox)

LucasArts kicks us down another title this week: Star Wars: The Clone Wars for Xbox. How does this version fare? The addition of online multiplayer modes is more than welcome, and it actually makes this mediocre game pretty entertaining. However, all is not perfect in the Republic, that's for sure. Click here for more.

Interview: Adam Mateljan, CEO TerraForge

July 3, 2003

GF! has the scoop on some of the most intriguing new technology we've seen in awhile. TerraForge is a young company, but they have big plans to revolutionize gaming. With their trifecta of technologies--the Asgard Gaming Community, ODIN Game Network, and Valhalla Game Engine--they plan on bringing multiplatfom interoperability into the mainstream. Start a game on your PS2, save it, head to work and load it up on your PDA, save it again, then resume your game over lunch break on your PC. Our interview with TerraForge CEO Adam Mateljan should get you good and interested. Click here for the interview.

Masters of Doom Review (book)

June 19, 2003

David Kushner's latest book tells the story of two of gaming's most notable notables: John Carmack and John Romero. Masters of Doom: How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture is more than just a hummer of a title: It's a really enjoyable read. From Commander Keen to Quake, the story of these two Johns impacts virtually every facet of the gaming world. This one should be on your summer reading list. Click here for the review.

Interview: Bill Wohnoutka, Director of Commercial Development for Level 3

Level 3 is one of those companies you don't hear about very often. They supply the equipment and technologies that make our online games go, and they've had a hand in some of the most successful online gaming endeavors of the past several years. We got a chance to sit down with Bill Wohnoutka to help us figure out just what these folks do and why we care. Click here for the whole story behind the scenes.

Day of Defeat Review (PC)

Activision has released the latest Half-Life mod as a stand-alone package. Day of Defeat is a really great mod for Half-Life that offers some compelling team play complete with voice over IP. But is the retail package worth it? The newest addition to the GF! team, Tristan Mashark, is going to answer that question for you. Click here for more.

Star Trek: Elite Force II Preview (PC)

Aaron's still frothing at the mouth for some Star Trek: Elite Force II goodness. Now only days away, this sequel to one of the best Star Trek games ever created is set to blow us away again, and this time in a sweet ST: TNG  setting. Set phasers for fun! Click here.

Rise of Nations Review (PC)

June 14, 2003

Microsoft and Big Huge Games have released Rise of Nations, which lives up to all the hype. A blend of games like Age of Empires and Civilization, this title relies on solid execution and proven gaming concepts to deliver a very enjoyable experience. Click here.

Warcraft III: Frozen Throne Preview (PC)

Blizzard's latest bomb is about to drop. Warcraft III: Frozen Throne is the expansion pack everyone has been waiting for. The discs have gone gold and are in production, so while you're waiting for that pre-order delivery, check out this preview from our resident WC3 addict, Todd. Click here.

URU: Ages Beyond Myst Preview (PC)

Legendary developer, Cyan, is back at the helm of a new Myst title that breaks all the rules. URU: Ages Beyond Myst promises a real-time rendered 3D world for players to inhabit. And while the single-player experience remains intact, this time around Myst junkies can collaborate online in a persistent world. Get your preview right here.

Compex PS2216 Switch Review (PC)

We put the Compex PS2216 Switch through every test we could devise, and it came through with flying colors. For those of you hosting those private LAN bashes, or just looking for a cheap and easy SOHO switch, the Compex PS2216 is featured to please and priced to move. Click here for more.

Sony Eye Toy Preview (PS2)

Sony unveiled their Eye Toy at E3. It's basically a hi-res webcam that perches on top of your TV set to 'put' you in the game. Right now it plays a dozen simple titles that are mostly hardware demos. We can't wait to use it for those late night sultry gamer webchats... I'll bet GTfan4798 is just as hot as he sounds... Click here for more.

Gran Turismo 4 Preview (PS2)

June 05, 2003

Sony's sure to have another hit on their hands, and GT fans will simply have another "hit" when Gran Turismo 4 comes out, hopefully sometime next year. Featuring enhanced graphics, physics, and AI, the big draw this time around is sure to be the online multiplayer. Start your engines! Click.

Pirates of the Caribbean Preview (Xbox, PC)

Bethesda is sticking with their proven formula of creating very deep RPGs with very pretty graphics and hundreds of hours of gameplay. Pirates of the Caribbean merely shares the name of the film; make no mistake that this is really a stand-alone game hoping to attract some duly deserved attention with name recognition. And there's no doubt that this is a contender for best pirate game ever. Click.

Hannibal Preview (PC)

Step into the role of FBI Special Agent Clarice Starling as she works to track and capture the infamous Hannibal Lechter. Hannibal promises plenty of creeptastic gameplay by implementing a stress system that works a lot like the insanity system from Eternal Darkness. This could be very cool. Click here for more.

Mythica Preview (PC)

Microsoft has asked itself some deep questions lately: How best to invigorate a crowded fantasy MMORPG environment? What's better than playing a Viking? From whence do we derive six out of the seven English names for days of the week? The answer: Norse Gods. Mythica puts you in the role of an immortal Norse hero hoping to add "ruthless deity" to his resume. Impress the existing Pantheon, and you might find yourself reaping the rewards. Click here for the whole preview.

City of Heroes Preview (PC)

The folks over at NCSoft have been plugging away at City of Heroes, which is looking very nice. Featuring an incredibly robust character creation mode, this game promises to put you into the role of a working superhero, complete with evil archnemesis and all. Where do we sign up? Click here for more.

Rogue Squadron 3: Rebel Strike Preview (GC)

May 26, 2003

LucasArts and Factor 5 have teamed up once again to bring Star Wars goodness to the Gamecube. But this time it's bigger than ever. Rogue Squadron 3: Rebel Strike packs in the rest of the best scenes from the original trilogy, plus the entire Rogue Leader game is included as a multiplayer co-op extra. If that's not bigger and better, we don't know what is. Click here for more.

The Suffering Preview (Xbox, PS2, GC)

Midway is getting all creepy on us, and not in a cuddly Dr. Muto way. The Suffering is a dark, dark, dark horror adventure game set in a maximum security prison. Definitely for adults, and scary enough to hook our man Matt in the midst of the E3 show floor, this is one game for grownups who have deadbolts on the doors. Click here.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds Preview (Xbox, PS2, GC)

Buffy fans take heart: The series may be over, but you can rekindle the magic with the second Buffy videogame: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds. Featuring many more playable characters from the cast, a range of multiplayer options, and a multiplatform release, this should do the trick. Get your Buffy fix here.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Preview (Xbox, PS2, GC)

Bringing the sidescrolling brawler back after all these years, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles looks to be a really wonderful reincarnation of the arcade classic we knew and loved. Of course, this isn't all yesterday's gaming: Featuring voices and animation from the current series, the new TMNT experience should satisfy old fans and the new recruits. Click here for more.

Spider-Man 2 Preview (Xbox, PS2, GC, PC)

Activision is still early in the development of their latest Spider-Man game, Spider-Man 2, which is set to coincide with the release of the second film. This time around, Spidey has access to the streets of Manhattan, and thanks to a liberal dose of THPS4-style mission assignment, he now takes on side missions for a much more robust gaming challenge. If you enjoyed the last game, then this one should be on your list. Click!

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