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Devil May Cry 2 Preview (PS2)

June 23, 2002

Capcom's follow-up to its ultra, mega, superhit, DMC, is due this Fall. Devil May Cry 2 will feature new environments, new moves, and a brand new, ultra-mysterious new playable heroine. This time out the game is looking really amazing, so if you thought the last one was cool, then read this.

Reign of Fire Preview (PS2)

scr067-01.jpg (4965 bytes)Gearing up to be a summer action hit at the movie theater, Reign of Fire on the PS2 is looking sweeter than Matthew McConaughey's belt buckle in Dazed and Confused. So if you're looking to mow down some dragons with a load of military might, or if you'd just like to play for the other team, blazing humans as they get in your way, you need to click here.

Ballerium Preview (PC)

Distributed processing and an infinitely expandable world are just two of the technical feats pulled off by small Israeli developer, Majorem, and put to use in Ballerium, a truly massive multiplayer RTS title. Although it's still early in development, our resident MMP expert, Aaron, checked it out. Click here for more.

Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb Preview (PC, PS2, Xbox)

It seems like everyone these days wants to get out the old Indy and dust him off. Spielberg has Harrison Ford all lined up for another flick, not due until 2005, and LucasArts returns to the franchise with Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb. So far it's looking great, and games might be the perfect vehicle to keep Indy alive and whippin'. Click.

Shinobi Preview (PS2)

He kills silently and bounces off walls like loonies in the nuthouse. Nope, it's not Tiny Twisted Metal Bumper Cars or Tenchu Stealth Maniacs -- this is even better. Shinobi returns for another slash at the videogame market, and thank goodness. Anyone who has touched the beauty of the classic arcade game knows that a new Shinobi adventure is a very, very good thing. Click here.

Star Wars Bounty Hunter Preview (PS2, GC)

June 19, 2002

LucasArts brings us another really cool-looking Star Wars game. Star Wars Bounty Hunter allows you to assume the role of Jango Fett. Promising to flesh out the backstory of this mysterious figure (whose cool is trumped only by his son, Boba). Jetpacks, laser pistols, large environments and plenty of bounties to collect make this game a Star Wars fan's dream. Click here.

Earth and Beyond Online Preview (PC)

Westwood Studios and Electronic Arts are finishing up a MMORPG that has us interested. Earth and Beyond breaks out of the fantasy confines to explore the nether regions of the universe. It looks amazing, plays cool, and we can't wait to get our hands on the release version. Click here for more.

Brute Force Preview (Xbox)

June 15, 2002

Microsoft and Digital Anvil have teamed up on a squad-based combat game that should have HALO fans wetting their pants. Brute Force allows you and up to three friends to play a cooperative story mode or just deathmatch the heck out of each other. Great visuals and lots of cool details make it one to watch for. Click!

Star Trek Elite Force II Preview (PC)

Activision brings us the sequel to the popular Elite Force, creatively titled Start Trek Elite Force II. Expect more FPS action, with an emphasis on story, as well as much prettier graphics and a possible foray into Next Gen territory. Go get you a Borg -- click here.

Ghost Master Preview (PC)

Empire Interactive takes a bold step in innovation, and it looks like it's going to pay off for them. Ghost Master has you in control of the ghosts haunting a house. Your job is to spook the living bejeebus out of the not-yet-dead, and to do so you control an army (OK, a few) of the undead. If it sounds like fun, that's because it is. Click here.

LOTR: The Two Towers Preview (PS2, GBA)

June 11, 2002

The Lord of the Rings franchise has been fractured -- games are coming out from both Sierra and EA. EA has the movie license, and that will make all the difference. So far The Two Towers looks amazing, what with the hordes of orcs to cut down and the incredible interplay of film footage and game graphics. Click here to be amazed.

Mario Sunshine Preview (GC)

Mario is back, and everyone knows it. These screens of Mario Sunshine don't really do the game justice, but it's the best we have. Finally the fans will have their next installment of the Mario series, which is as popular as ever and looks to be a lot more fun. Click.

Editorial: The Nintendo Difference

Jason loves his Nintendo Gamecube. And after a year of meager (to say the least) releases for the system, the Gamecube finally looks to be coming into its own. The new outlook for the system is all about The Nintendo Difference, and Jason would like to have a word with you about this difference. Get some hardcore, uncensored opinion -- click.

Dave Mirra BMX XXX Preview (PS2, Xbox, GC)

June 8, 2002

It's an innocuous little screen at right, but Dave Mirra BMX XXX promises to open up a whole new hornet's nest of protest and rage from the more conservative videogame watchdog groups. If you don't want to play a game with full, video, nudity, then stay away. If that kind of thing interests you, then wait until you hear the rest. Click here for the whole story.

America's Army Preview (PC)

It's bizarre to see the US Army making such a PR push. First they produced that reality Web series about boot camp. Now they've created a development house, America's Army and two games: Operations and Soldiers. One is an FPS built on the new Unreal engine that should give Clancy fans and their ilk a treat. The other is an RPG. Both are free for the playing. Click for more.

.hack Preview (PS2)

Bandai will bring us a seriously bizarre RPG specifically geared towards satisfying us videogame otaku. .hack ("dot hack") is an action RPG where you play a fictional MMORPG called The World. Featuring original Japanese dialogue and an extra OVA DVD, this is one to keep an eye out for. Click here.

Sodiers of Anarchy Preview (PC)

Simon and Schuster will bring us a thoroughly modern RTS. Soldiers of Anarchy has you playing through a slew of levels to eradicate an evil group trying to let the AIDS virus run rampant. What's cool about it is the serious support for modders that allows you to do everything from creating maps to scripting cutscenes. Click here.

Robotech Battlecry Preview (Xbox, PS2, GC)

TDK Mediactive looks to have pulled off a feat we never thought possible -- a good Robotech game! Robotech Battlecry will come out this fall for all systems, and it looks great. The cel-shaded graphics give it that comfy anime feel and the gameplay is fast and furious. Check it out here.

Nyko AirFlo Controllers Preview (Xbox, PS2, GC)

Nyko brings us a novel solution to an age-old problem: Sweaty Palms. The AirFlo controllers, due out this summer and fall for all console systems, feature fans and special rubber grips to cool your hands as you play. It's refreshing. Click here.

Red Faction 2 Preview (PS2)

June 6, 2002

THQ's Red Faction brought the incredible Geo-Mod technology to gamers, and the sequel, Red Faction 2 packs even more of a punch than its predecessor. Maintaining a focus on the single-player story mode, RF2 also promises much beefier multiplayer and squad-based combat. This is definitely a title to watch for. Click here.

Legend of Zelda GC Preview (GC)

Link is back, and he looks better than ever. I know, that opens us up to a lot of criticism, but folks who got to see Legend of Zelda GC in action at E3 were pleasantly surprised. Saturday morning cartoons have never looked this good, and the gameplay is incredible. Check out the soon-to-be hit right here.

Sly Cooper and the Thievous Raccoonus Preview (PS2)

The cel-shading technique is bringing a whole lot of games to life in a cartoony and appealing way. Sly Cooper and the Thievous Raccoonus is no exception. It looks like a cartoon and plays like a mixture of MGS and Mario. Sound like fun? Get more right here.

P.O.W. Preview (Xbox, PC)

It's World War II, and here you are stuck in a P.O.W. camp. No guns, no killing, none of that traditional war game crap. Codemaster's latest endeavor, P.O.W., puts you in the role of an American prisoner trying to escape a German camp. The emphasis is on strategy, stealth, and planning the great escape. Click here for more.

Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick Preview (PS2, Xbox)

June 4, 2002

We've come along way. In a brillian move, THQ and their developer, Vis, have decided to use the State of Emergency engine for Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick. With Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi on board once again, this could be the amazing Evil Dead game we've been waiting for. Deadites and gorehounds click here.

Freelancer Preview (PC)

Microsoft will release Freelancer next spring, and thus will begin your virtual career as an intergalactic mercenary. You can haul stuff, fight stuff, and generally have a good old time cruising through space pretending you're Han Solo. The action parts are cool, too. Click.

Vexx Preview (GC, PS2, Xbox)

What kind of game do you make for people who have played all the Mario titles, Sonic, Rayman, and a load of other platformers? You make a game like Vexx. Combining elements from the history of platform games with an eye towards adults who have grown up with them, this could be a real hit. It's not too cutesy, not too dismal, and all fun. Click here.

Tron 2.0 Preview (PC)

Let the eighties nostalgia well up in you, for Tron is not gone for good. A new movie and videogame will revive Tron, and for that we are grateful. Tron 2.0 is an FPS (that data disc is way, way cool) that has you sucked back into the computer. With graphics that look about as good as the original film, this is going to be fun. Click here.

Editorial: What Women Want (From Gaming)

We saw the guys from at E3. Just the guys. We had two women with us on GF! staff, Sarah and Monica, and each year we've noticed more and more women at the show who aren't there to sucker guys who haven't seen the sun since 1994 to take their photo. But anyone with a sister or mom knows that women dig videogames. Still, women are not quite fully integrated into the gaming world, and Monica has some thoughts about that in her editorial, What Women Want (From Gaming). You really need to read it. Click here.

Alter Echo Preview (PS2, Xbox)

June 3, 2002

THQ is going to have a good year, and this is just the beginning of our coverage. First up: Alter Echo. This is a sci-fi action/adventure game set on a planet called Proteus where humans mine semi-intelligent Multiplast to create amazing biotech devices. That is, until an evil villain convinces the Multiplast it is being exploited. Hardcore frantic action fans will love the fast paced "somebody just at the brown acid" feel of this game. Click here.

WW Smackdown!: Shut Your Mouth Preview (PS2)

Nope, that's not the aftermath of the World Wildlife Fund court case at right -- that's what you get to do to Vince McMahon in Smackdown!: Shut Your Mouth. This fourth installment of the Smackdown! series plays like butter and looks absolutely beautiful. Click here.

World Wrestling Wrestlemania X8 Preview (GC)

Gamecube owners don't feel left out. You're getting your very own World Wrestling franchise with Wrestlemania X8. Sporting 35 playable wrestlers, 35 match types, and several arenas (Raw, Smackdown, Survivor Series, Wrestlemania, and Summer Slam), this should pack more than a punch. Click here for more.

World Wrestling Raw 2 Preview (Xbox)

And rounding out the big console wrestling push is Raw 2. After a disappointing debut on the Xbox, this series has a lot of making up to do. Fortunately, the folks at THQ and Anchor are up to the task. Lots of improvements await. Click here.

World of Warcraft Preview (PC)

June 1, 2002

Blizzard will throw their hat into the MMORPG arena with World of Warcraft. Building on the successes of their previous titles, both Warcraft and non-Warcraft franchises, this one is already playing pretty sweet. And then there's that top-secret new character race... Click here.

Mystic Heroes Preview (GC)

Koei, makers of the Dynasty Warriors series, will release Mystic Heroes this fall, a new take on the old DW style. Set in a legendary China divided by two fantasy civilizations, you and up to three friends can hack, slash, and spell your way to victory. Click here.

RTX Red Rock Preview (GC, PC)

In a move away from the Star Wars franchise, LucasArts is working on RTX Red Rock, a cool action-adventure title that offers up loads of combat plus a whole bunch of strategic problem-solving. A wide array of tools and gadgets is at your disposal. Now go save the world. Click here for more.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Preview (PS2, GC)

LucasArts brings Episode II to life in Star Wars: Clone Wars. Rather than playing through the film, this title begins at the end of the film and allows you to participate in some of the hugest battles this side of Geonosis. Click here for more.

Editorial: Which Console Should I Buy?

Every day I get a ton of email asking me which console system to purchase. My stock response is "All of them," but that isn't satisfying for most folks. So in the interest of public service, here's my answer to you question: Which Console Should I Buy?

Nintendo WaveBird Preview (GC)

Nintendo wowed the crowd at E3 with their wireless WaveBird controller. If you've ever tried a wireless controller, you know two things: First, it's the wave of the future because cords just plain suck. Second, it's never been quite up to snuff, and controller cutouts in the middle of your game suck, too. But count on Nintendo to do it right later this month. Click here.

XIII Preview (All)

May 30, 2002

Based on the French comic series of the same name, XIII brings the unique look of cel-shading to the next-gen Unreal engine, creating a first person shooter that looks unlike anything else we've seen. The concerted focus on narrative and interactivity will make it a very popular game. Get the details here.

BloodRayne Preview (All)

Half-human, half-vampire, all woman. That's the tagline for BloodRayne, but it fails to sum up how incredibly cool this game is. With a load of weapons at your disposal, buttkicking melee combat, and several different vision modes, this supernatural action title will have you killing Nazis and sucking blood. Click here.

City of Heroes Preview (PC)

Developed under the tutelage of online gaming giant Richard Garriot, NCSoft's latest endeavour, City of Heroes, is a MMORPG with a twist. Rather than the typical fantasy setting, you get to create your own superhero and vanquish evil. Tons of customization options and a cool gameplay setup should make this a hit. Click here.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Preview (Xbox)

All you cheesball TV fans take heart: Buffy the Vampire Slayer will be coming to an Xbox near you this summer. Buffy's trademark gymkata style of fighting, all of her cohorts good and evil, and a load of cheesy dialogue juxtaposed with quick action make this one for the fans to clamor about. Details are right over here.

RE Preview (Xbox)

There are a few Xbox exclusive titles that threaten the dominance of key franchises exclusive to other platforms. RE (working title) looks to be a serious rival for that other racing hit GT3. Absolutely stunning graphics and a cool single player sim game should make this a serious hit with the gearheads. Click here.

E3 Photo Gallery 2002

All the boothbabes, mascots, gratuitous game displays, and goofy GamesFirst! correspondents you could ever hope for are right here in our E3 Photo Gallery 2002. We've got all the glory of the world's biggest videogame exposition packed into these pages. Click here to view the gallery.

Splinter Cell Preview (Xbox, all)

May 29, 2002

Ubi Soft has a Snake-killer on their hands. Picture this: Millions and millions of gamers arguing for years and years about whether MGS or Splinter Cell is the superior third person stealth action title. That's what the future looks like. We're all fans of MGS, but this Splinter Cell could make us devotees. Get the whole story here.

DX2: Invisible War Preview (PC, Xbox, PS2)

Warren Spector and the gang in Austin made huge waves with Deus Ex, and the sequel, DX2: Invisible War is set to cause the same kind of hubub. Set 30 years after the original, DX2 offers more freedom, more complexity, and more muscle for the discriminating gamer. Details are right here.

MS Combat Flight Sim 3 Preview (PC)

Microsoft doesn't have to worry about whether or not it will be a big hit, but the effort poured into MS Combat Flight Sim 3 is well deserved and will be very appreciated. Infinitely variable missions, enhanced ground graphics, and tons of bells and whistles are a few reasons this title will be the best in the series so far. Click here for more.

Article: The Console Wars Go Online

With all of the different console manufacturers launching their online components this year, it can be tough to sort it all out. So I put together Back to the Front: The Console Wars Go Online to outline the facts and offer up some analysis. See what you think.

Impossible Creatures Preview (PC)

Microsoft games are looking strong this year in general, and although it's a good 9 months off, Impossible Creatures looks to continue the trend. Mix and match the most dangerous creatures in the world in this action RTS meets the Island of Dr. Moreau. Click here.

Unreal Tournament 2003 Preview (PC)

May 28, 2002

Infogrames is prepping one of the most hotly anticipated sequels of this year or the next. Unreal Tournament 2003 promises to satisfy the hardcore UT fans as well as bring a whole new generation to the game. Amazing graphics, gameplay enhancements, and lots of cool additions will make it a must have game. Click here.

Unreal Episode II Preview (PC)

UT is the multiplayer game, and for the past while it has overshadowed the single player title that spawned it. This year Unreal Episode II will remind us all just why this franchise became so popular. Insane graphics, great action, and a cool single player adventure  make this game one to watch for. Click here.

O.R.B. Preview (PC)

Strategy First will bring us a potentially revolutionary deep space RTS this fall. O.R.B. puts you in control of huge space armadas and interstellar action has never been so accurately reproduced. Accurate physics offer new tactics to exploit and the fully 3D galaxy is just beautiful. Click here for more.

Article: WildTangent Offers New Take on Game Distribution

What company hires giant Samoans to hand out E3 swag rather than the standard 38-18-32 booth babe? WildTangent, a company with a unique take on more than just the distribution of their promotional materials. These games are worth checking out, and most of them are free. Click!

Roller Coaster Tycoon II Preview (PC)

It's back! The phenomenally huge hit now has a sequel, and Roller Coaster Tycoon II promises to fulfill the hopes and dreams of aspiring theme park developers. A new editing interface, a Six Flags license, and improved graphics are just the beginning. Put your existing park on hold and check out this preview. Click here.

Neverwinter Nights Preview (PC)

May 27, 2002

BioWare and Infogrames will bring us the long-awaited Neverwinter Nights sometime this year. After a long time of anticipation, the game is looking better than we could have hoped, and given that NWN makes major advancements in the genre, this is probably the most serious contender for RPG of the year. Click here for a full preview.

Metroid Prime Preview (GC)

She's back, and it's nice to see that the glory of Metroid will be preserved for another generation. Metroid Prime, the FPS next-gen installment of one of the most beloved gaming franchises, is all set to go on Gamecube, and it is going to be a whole lot of fun. Incredible visuals paired with tight gameplay insure this a spot in any gamer's library. Click here.

Age of Mythology Preview (PC)

Bruce Shelley and the gang have put together a wonderful next installment in the Age of Empires series. Age of Mythology allows you to play several cultures replete with heroes, fantastic creatures, and plenty of heavenly vengeance. The new 3D engine lets you see the action from any angle and zoom. It's just beautiful. Click here.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City (PS2)

Reportedly not a sequel to last year's mega-hit, Rockstar announced Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Rockstar was very secretive about the game at E3, but we got what info we could out of them. Click here.

Myst III: Exile Preview (Xbox, PS2)

Is this gorgeous enough for you? The series that brought computer graphics into the mainstream consciousness is coming to a console near you. Myst III: Exile maintains the on-rails, point and click, interface of its predecessors, but features a 360 degree camera and the most photorealistic landscapes we've seen so far, not to mention a meaty narrative. Click here for more.

Smuggler's Run: Warzones Preview (GC)

ss2-01.jpg (7188 bytes)In what seems like a coup, one of the formative titles from PS2 is jumping to GC exclusivity. Smuggler's Run: Warzones will hit Nintendo's system this summer, and it's likely to please fans and novices alike. New countermeasures, better visuals, and a beefed up multiplayer are just some reasons to check it out. Click here.

PC Gaming by Design

In PC Gaming by Design, our man Paul takes a look at a PC gaming trend that seems to be amping up for the coming year. Certainly mods and modders have been around for years, but the latest crop of PC titles take great pains to give players the chance to get in on designing their own content. Get the skinny on this trend here.

Out The Door

May 20, 2002

GamesFirst! has officially begun the trek from our little hamlet of Moscow, Idaho to the bustling metropolis of LA, CA. Eight of us are heading down to bring back the biggest, baddest coverage of E3. Check back with us on May 25 for the beginning of the onslaught -- dozens of previews, news articles, interviews, and assorted goodies will be posted each day for the following couple of weeks. It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it.

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